I resolve…

Here are a few things I will work on in 2009.

I resolve to stop reading Heroes fanfiction on the web and actually watch Heroes.

I resolve to finally learn what the term “post modern” means.

I resolve to try to understand that a restraining order means that despite your best intentions, maybe she’s not that into you..

I resolve to stop sitting on my ass in a bar drinking. From now on, I’ll bring a book.

I resolve to accept the sad fact that Scarlett Johannson will continue to work in movies despite having no discernable talent whatsoever. A blank stare is not acting!

I resolve to stop giving a fake zip code to the cashier at Radio Shack.

I resolve to learn my zip code.

I resolve to clean out the barn so we kids can put on the best darn show this town has ever seen!

I resolve to stop referring to churches as “God’s crash pad.”

And finally, I resolve to be closer to my Mother and Father, Mr. and Mrs. Levier.

Happy New Year.


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